Works-in-Progress (Posters)

Given below is the final list of Works-in-Progress papers accepted by the conference. Links are provided to the individual published papers in the conference proceedings in the ACM DL. Works-in-Progress will be presented as posters at the conference on the Wednesday evening (15th July) between 18.00-21.00.

Paper title


Design Principles for Collaborative Device Ecologies
Aurelien Ammeloot, David Benyon and Oli Mival.
An analysis of mid-air gestures used across three platforms
Arthur Theil Cabreira and Faustina Hwang.
Developing Computational Thinking through Pattern Recognition in Early Years Education
Ana Calderon, Tom Crick and Catherine Tryfona.
BUMP: Bringing Unmet Modes of Participation
Cody Chu, Claudia Rebola and James Kao.
DataPet: Designing a participatory sensing data game for children
Andy Dickinson, Mark Lochrie and Paul Egglestone.
A virtual “Window to the Outside World”: Initial design and plans for evaluation
Gillian Dowds and Judith Masthoff.
“Aye, Have a Dream #IndyRef”: Use of Instagram during the Scottish Referendum
Tom Feltwell, Jamie Mahoney and Shaun Lawson.
Framing the Community Data System Interface
Kristian Garza, Carole Goble, John Brooke, Caroline Jay.
Speech-Based Home Automation System
Ioannis Georgoulas, Jose Part, Emmanouil Fytrakis and Yuting Zhu.
Combining and Assessing 2D Maps and Space-Time Cubes for Trajectory Data
Tiago Gonçalves, Ana Paula Afonso and Bruno Martins.
Grouping Contacts for Information Tasks
Paul Holmes, James Goulding and Sarah Sharples.
Vibrotactile feedback for collision awareness
Céphise Louison, Fabien Ferlay, Delphine Keller and Daniel Mestre.
Paper-based web connected objects and the Internet of Things through EKKO
John Mills, Paul Egglestone, Mark Lochrie and Martin Skelly.
MoVi: Models Visualization for Mastering Complexity in Model Driven Engineering
Miratul-Khusna Mufida, Gäelle Calvary, Sophie Dupuy-Chessa and Yann Laurillau.
Characteristics of Hand Gesture Navigation: a case study using a wearable device (MYO)
Tobias Mulling and Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan.
Designing Attention for Multi-screen TV Experiences
Timothy Neate, Matt Jones and Michael Evans.
I++: Interactive Galleries for Promoting Interactive Curiosities in Web Designs
Sergio Peña-Arrázola, Dimitri Masson, Alexandre Demeure, Gaelle Calvary and Yann Laurillau.
Designing to raise collective awareness and leverage energy savings
Lara Piccolo and Catriona Smith.
Finding the Future: Evolving Interaction Design
Kym Primrose, Robin Sloan and Ken Scott-Brown.
Droplets: Geo-located Audio as a Social Media Platform
John Shearer, Sue Swinburne and Patrick Dickinson.
Digital Co-Design: A Future Method?
Lei Shi, Carolyn Dawson, James Mackrill, Elisavet Dimitrokali and Rebecca Cain.
pneuForm: Interacting with physical form through dynamic replication
Juli Sikorska, Yi Tong, Clark Della Silva, Malika Singh and Saurabh Mhatre.
An Exploratory Study on the Use of Twitter and Facebook in Tandem
Tasos Spiliotopoulos and Ian Oakley.
Gone and Back: Physical Interaction on a Condensation-based Ephemeral Interface
Xinglin Sun.
Exploring requirements for civic engagement via public displays
Sarah-Kristin Thiel.
LightShare: Sharing Illumination the Tangible Way
Yi Tong, Juli Edyta Sikorska, Clark Della Silva, Malika Singh and Saurabh Mhatre.
Designing Stress Management Interventions for Older Adults to Improve Wellbeing
Michael Wilson, Julie Doyle and Gerry McTaggart.