Paper Sessions

The final schedule for main track paper presentations is given below. Links are provided to the individual published papers in the conference proceedings in the ACM DL.

Ageing, Health and Wellbeing Wed 11.00-12.30
Chair: Sue Jamison-Powell Room: Jackson
Designing for Mental Wellbeing: Towards a More Holistic Approach in the Treatment and Prevention of Mental Illness (full paper)
Anja Thieme, Jayne Wallace, Thomas D. Meyer and Patrick Olivier
Outside the Brick: Exploring Prototyping for the Elderly (full paper)
Kate Farina and Michael Nitsche.
CueS: Cueing for Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Stroke (full paper)
Amey Holden, Roisin McNaney, Madeline Balaam, Robin Thompson, Nils Hammerla, Thomas Ploetz, Daniel Jackson, Christopher Price, Lianne Brkic and Patrick Olivier.
Exploring Healthcare Professionals’ Preferences for Visualising Sensor Data (full paper)
Niamh Caprani, Julie Doyle, Yusuke Komaba and Akihiro Inomata.
Digital Civics Wed 11.00-12.30
Chair: John Vines Room: Cargill
Civically Engaged HCI: Tensions Between Novelty and Social Impact (position paper)
Mara Balestrini, Yvonne Rogers and Paul Marshall.
Civic crowdfunding: how do offline communities engage online? (full paper)
Alexandra Stiver, Leonor Barroca, Marian Petre, Mike Richards and Dave Roberts.
Content Analysis of a Rural Community’s Interaction with its Cultural Heritage through a Longitudinal Display Deployment(full paper)
Trien V. Do, Keith Cheverst and Nick Taylor.
Everyday Socio-political talk on social media: the case of Benefits Street (Invited talk) Tom Feltwell, Phil Brooker, John Vines, Selina Sutton, Julie Barnett, and Shaun Lawson.
Games & Play Wed 14.00-15.30
Chair: Conor Linehan Room: Jackson
Analyzing Play Experience Sensitivity to Input Sensor Noise in Outdoor Augmented Reality Smartphone Games (full paper)
Farjana Eishita and Kevin Stanley.
Exploring the effects of game elements in m-participation (full paper)
Sarah-Kristin Thiel and Ulrich Lehner.
BlobSnake: Gamification of Feature Extraction for `Plug and Play’ Human Activity Recognition (full paper)
Reuben Kirkham, Carlton Shepherd and Thomas Ploetz.
Social Activities with offline tangibles at an interactive painting exhibit in a children’s cultural centre (full paper)
Loraine Clarke and Eva Hornecker.
Interfaces Thu 11.00–12.30
Chair: Max Wilson Room: Jackson
A Mathematical Description of the Speed/Accuracy Trade-off of Aimed Movement (full paper)
Yves Guiard and Olivier Rioul.
Visual Diversity and User Interface Quality (full paper)
Aliaksei Miniukovich and Antonella De Angeli.
Do as I say: exploring human response to a predictable and unpredictable robot (full paper)
Omar Mubin and Christoph Bartneck.
Two-Way Affect Loops in Multimedia Experiences (position paper)
Matthew Pike, Richard Ramchurn and Max Wilson.
Mobile & Wearable Thu 14.00-15.30
Chair: Faustina Hwang Room: Jackson
User Requirements for Digital Jewellery (full paper)
Jutta Fortmann, Wilko Heuten and Susanne Boll.
Heuristics for the Evaluation of Captchas on Smartphones (full paper)
Gerardo Reynaga, Sonia Chiasson and Paul Van Oorschot.
Exploring the Overlap between Wearable Computing and Disability Discrimination Law (position paper)
Reuben Kirkham.
Real-Life Experiences with an Adaptive Light Bracelet (full paper)
Jutta Fortmann, Benjamin Poppinga, Wilko Heuten and Susanne Boll.
Designing for reflection I Thu 16.00-17.30
Chair: Anja Thieme Room: Jackson
Re-writing the City: Negotiating and Reflecting on Data Streams (full paper)
Pete Abel, Matthew Fox, Robert Potts, Drew Hemment, Catherine Thomson, Pavol Gajdos, Sha Li, Antia Dona Vazquez, Rose Barraclough, Gabriele Schliwa, Joseph Lindley, Steve Turner, Jonathon Devitt, Jane MacDonald, Alex Lee, Chris Trueblood, Deborah Maxwell, Hadi Mehrpouya, Mel Woods, Vincent Walsh, Anais Moisy, Goktug Islamoglu, Graeme Sherriff, Vanessa Thomas, Lara Devitt, Kirsty Jennings, Chris Speed, Fionn Tynan O Mahony, Vera-Karina Gebhardt, Leon Trimble, Rob Raikes, Karl Monsen.
Life through the Lens: A Qualitative Investigation of Human Behaviour with an Urban Photography Service (full paper)
Simo Hosio, Richard Harper, Kenton O’Hara, Jorge Goncalves and Vassilis Kostakos.
4streams: An ambient photo sharing application for extended families (full paper)
Sam Zargham, Janko Calic and David Frohlich.
Designing for Family Phatic Communication: A Design Critique Approach (full paper)
David Chatting, David Kirk, Paulina Yurman and Jo-Anne Bichard.
Privacy and security Thu 16.00-17.30
Chair: Lisa Thomas Room: Cargill
The Other Side of Privacy: Surveillance in Data Control (full paper)
Rula Sayaf, Dave Clarke and James B. Rule.
Nudging towards security: Developing an application for wireless network selection for android phones (full paper)
James Turland, Lynne Coventry, Debora Jeske, Pam Briggs and Aad van Moorsel.
A Gesture-based CAPTCHA Design Supporting Mobile Devices (full paper)
Nan Jiang and Huseyin Dogan.
‘Effing’ the Ineffable: Opening up Understandings of the Blockchain (position paper)
Deborah Maxwell, Chris Speed and Dug Campbell.
Designing for reflection II Fri 09.00-10.30
Chair: Ben Kirman Room: Jackson
Back to the Future: 10 Years of Design Fiction (position paper)
Joseph Lindley and Paul Coulton.
MyRun: Balancing Design for Reflection, Recounting and Openness in a Museum-based Participatory Platform (full paper)
Rachel Clarke, John Vines, Pete Wright, Tom Bartindale, John Shearer, John McCarthy, and Patrick Olivier.
Rule and Theme Discovery in Human Interactions with an ‘Internet of Things’ (full paper)
J. Waldo Cervantes-Solis, Chris Baber, Ahmad Khattab and Roman Mitch.
Performance and Critical Design (position paper)
Jocelyn Spence, David Frohlich and Stuart Andrews.
Working across discipline and culture Fri 09.00-10.30
Chair: Kathrin Gerling Room: Cargill
Elucidating the Role and Use of Bioinformatics Software in Life Science Research (full paper)
Sarah Morrison-Smith, Christina Boucher, Andrea Bunt and Jaime Ruiz.
Perceptions of Software Developers’ Empathy with Designers (full paper)
Malin Lundstrom, Johan Aberg and Johan Blomkvist.
Designing Student Energy Interventions: A Cross-cultural Comparison (full paper)
Katrin Ellice Heintze, Derek Foster, Shaun Lawson and Nicole Kramer.
Human-computer interaction as science (invited talk) Stuart Reeves.