Interactions Gallery

The Interactions Gallery is a new initiative for British HCI 2015 and sought submissions from creative practitioners, artists and HCI researchers alike. Below is a list of submissions accepted by the conference which will be showcased during the Wednesday evening (15th July) reception.



Teresa Almeida, Gavin Wood, Dean Saraf and Madeline Balaam.
Watching You
Ran Ancor and Joe Casagrande.
Taphobos: An Immersive Coffin Experience
James Brown.
GRWM: in the bathroom Ko-Le Chen.
‘Ambient Walk’: a Mobile Application for Mindful Walking with Sonification of Biophysical Data
Sixian Chen, John Bowers and Abigail Durrant.
The Mystery of Security Design
Antonios Vallindras and Shamal Faily.
Cally Gatehouse.
Sens-Us: Imagining a Citizen-led, Dynamic, and Localised Census
Connie Golsteijn, Sarah Gallacher, Licia Capra and Yvonne Rogers.
Digital Public Space Between Layers
Gökcen Keskin.
We Are Searching For
Mimi Onuoha.
Alec Shepley and Duncan Rowland.
Project Sky Cube
Joanna White.
NOMATEI – A Koinõnia of Minumental Figures
Eleni Zevgaridou.