Program Committee

The Technical Program Committee will oversee the review of all main track papers. The Committee is comprised of invited senior researchers from the UK HCI research community and members appointed through a self-nomination process. Our aim is to promote diversity and to help widen the conference community to include a wide range of perspectives.

Members of the Program Committee are:

Aaron Quigley (St Andrews University)
Adrian Clear (Lancaster University)
Adrian Friday (Lancaster University)
Alan Blackwell (University of Cambridge)
Chris Priest (University of Bristol)
Chris Speed (Edinburgh University)
David Benyon (Edinburgh Napier University)
David England (LJM University)
David Frohlich (University of Surrey)
Effie Law (Leicester University)
Eiman Kanjo (Nottingham Trent University)
Huseyin Dogan (Bournemouth University)
Jane Coughlan (Brunel University)
Janet Read (UCLAN)
Jo Lumsden (Aston University)
Jorge Goncalves (University of Oulu)
Kostas Kazakos (Newcastle University)
Leon Watts (University of Bath)
Marianna Obrist (University of Sussex)
Matt Jones (Swansea University)
Omar Mubin (University of Western Sydney)
Pam Briggs (Northumbria University)
Pat Healey (Queen Mary UL)
Russell Beale (Birmingham University)
Shamal Faily (Bournemouth University)
Steve Benford (University of Nottingham)
Steve Brewster (Glasgow University)
Steve Love (Brunel University)
Wendy Moncur (Dundee University)