British HCI 2015 has relied on the efforts of a large group of people willing to help, so we would like to thank our volunteers, external expert reviewers, program committee and our entire organising committee of chairs for their efforts over the past year.

British HCI 2015 General Chairs Shaun Lawson and Patrick Dickinson (University of Lincoln)
Full Paper Chairs Patrick Olivier (Newcastle University) and Derek Foster (University of Lincoln)
Position Paper Chairs Conor Linehan (University College Cork), Ben Kirman (University of Lincoln) and Dan O’Hara (New College of the Humanities)
Works-in-Progress (Posters) Chairs Sue Jamison-Powell (Sheffield Hallam University) and Obinna Ajuruchi (University of Lincoln)
Interactions Gallery Chairs Duncan Rowland (University of Lincoln), Abigail Durrant and Rachel Clarke (Newcastle University)
Doctoral Networking Event Chairs: Kathrin Gerling (University of Lincoln) and David Flatla (University of Dundee)
Workshops Chairs Faustina Hwang (Reading University), Asimina Vasalou (UCL Institute of Education) and Mark Doughty (University of Lincoln)
Hack Event: Hacking the Magna Carta! John Shearer (University of Lincoln), Connie Golsteijn (UCL) and Amy Guy (Edinburgh University)
Web, Social and Print Media Tom Feltwell, Effie Le Moignan and Jamie Mahoney (University of Lincoln)

If you have any queries you may contact the conference organisers at