Workshops provide an opportunity to discuss focussed topics in an informal setting. They can concentrate on specific research topics, be devoted to application issues, or be used to discuss specific issues that are of concern to the HCI community. Workshops will run in the two days preceding the main conference track (i.e. on either 13th or 14th July 2015). Following the workshop proposal review process we accepted thirteeen workshops listed below. Please check the individual websites of each workshop for contribution submission deadlines and processes.

Workshops on Monday 13 July:

Workshops on Tuesday 14 July:

Note that standard workshop attendees will be charged a £small registration fee for attending a day-long workshop.  There will be no requirement for workshop attendees to register for the main conference, but this is strongly encouraged.

For queries regarding individual workshops please contact the respective workshop organisers. For other questions please email the workshop chairs: Faustina Hwang, Asimina Vasalou and Mark Doughty