Full Papers

Submission Type Deadline Notification
Full Papers passed Mar 2nd 2015 23.59 GMT May 7th 2015

Full Papers (Chairs: Patrick Olivier, Derek Foster) Full technical paper submissions can be variable in length between 6-10 pages and should describe complete pieces of research that make a distinct contribution to the field of HCI. Unlike previous years we will not be splitting main track papers into long or short papers. There are simply full papers. The theme for HCI 2015 is digital society, and the role interactive technology plays in mediating our civic lives. The theme reflects the increasing public consciousness of how interactive technologies fundamentally affect our privacy, rights, and relationships with authority, government and commerce. Whilst the conference will, of course, welcome full paper contributions from all aspects of HCI research we will particularly encourage submissions that focus on social renewal, activism, democracy, and grassroots innovation. Submissions must be anonymised, and should follow the template supplied eWiC format. Paper presentation information and LaTeX templates can also be found on the BCS site. Papers must be submitted via EasyChair here by 5:00 p.m GMT on Mar 2nd 2015. Full papers will be peer reviewed by the conference programme committee and published in the BCS e-WIC repository and in the ACM Digital Library.